Truth is my Compass, & Wisdom my Helm.

once you know, you cannot un-know. once you have seen, you can never un-see. once you have allowed yourself to feel, you are freed from silence; for the submergence of one's truth only births havoc within the self.
A former classmate and I shared lunch and had a rather frank conversation on race and class. She being white, and I black; she was of middle class, and I content. We were engaging each other outside of our comfort zones, it was brilliant.
Dear Kim:
I must thank you for your honesty. How rare is it for two women from distinct crannies on this rock we all exist upon to share a glimpse into their soul’s truth? Could you imagine how magnificent our coexistence would be if we could look upon one another with empathy and honesty. If we could shed contempt and allow it to decompose into something that could nourish our beings, as opposed to stifling our evolution, this would be a beautiful world.
I happen to be a sensitive person and find even the slightest of exchanges to be of great significance. I am also committed to pushing the collective consciousness forward, and I am grateful that you felt comfortable enough to speak your truths; as I know we are socialized to stuff silence down our throats.
We must make an event of this. I would love to meet weekly. I think Friday luncheons would be ideal. Let me know if this Friday works; if not, we can continue after spring break.
What a wonderful surprise this evening to get such a thoughtful message! I'm glad that our lunch made as much of an impression on you as it did on me...I went away from it feeling not only like we had a really great conversation, probably unlike any I'd had at Smith thus far, but I also just left with a really good feeling, very hopeful, for want of a different world. Actually, I loved the word "nourishing" that you used...just perfect!
Yes, I think making this a weekly thing would be great! I'll still be around on Friday so let's do it. And feel free to call/text any other time you want to meet up for dinner/lunch/w/e. I'm usually scrambling to find someone to eat with at the last minute but I think having a set time/day is good so we can be ensured one meeting per week!